Maintaining Educational Relevance in Teletherapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended, among other things, the way school-based therapists provide services. How would you ensure that you are staying true to your calling of providing educationally-relevant services via teletherapy? Evidence that directly addresses this area is surely lacking, but there is research elsewhere that we can pull from to promote evidence-informed practices via teletherapy. So, Carlo approaches this webinar via clinical reasoning that connects the language of IDEA, these evidence-based therapeutic interventions, and the way we can plan for synchronous and asynchronous online therapy services. Time to hit PAUSE, REFRESH and appreciate the contributions we can make to improving the lives of our students with disabilities during these challenging times.

Closed Captioni in English available!

BONUS PRACTICAL TOOLKIT: Fillable Worksheet and Checklist for Maintaining Educational Relevance in Teletherapy

NOTE: This webinar and accompanying toolkit is free and available exclusively if you attend any of Apply EBP's upcoming The Well-Equipped Therapist! School-based OT and PT Hybrid Symposiums. It is not available as a stand-alone course.


What therapists say about Carlo's courses

“Kept my attention the entire course. Good command of the material. Engaging.”
This was a great summary of relevant information to reframe our approach to supports and services in the shift to virtual practice.

– PT with 18 years experience

Very applicable to our practice, good info that can be put to use right away. Engaging presentation
The inclusion of the family and home environment during this time is essential and this course did a great job highlighting the rationale for this.

- PT with 21 years of experience

The information was concise and the handouts are very helpful. I will be applying the interventions to my tool box. 

- OT with 19 years experience

INSTRUCTOR: Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA served as Director of Physical Therapy for the NYC Department of Education, where he oversaw a program with over 700 PTs working in more than 1,500 schools. He is project manager of research on normative data for five mobility tests for school-aged children, & co-founder of




At the completion of the course, the learner is expected to:

  1. Identify 2 ways that family routine, environment and needs can affect the child’s participation in their education online
  2. Determine 2 strategies to maintain educational relevance in teletherapy
  3. Identify 2 evidence-based interventions that can be applied via teletherapy to assist the child in achieving their educational goals


  • What goals are you working on?
  • Are you supporting the team?
  • Are your interventions evidence-informed?
  • What can you do in the future?
  • Post-test: 10-item multiple choice. 70% correct answers required to receive a certificate


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Learners must watch the video and complete course requirements, including scoring 70% or higher in the post-test to receive a certificate. Five (5) post-test retakes are allowed; if you exceed this limit, please email us.


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