3 Components of a Thorough School-based OT Evaluation

Are you a school-based OT who wants an organized way of evaluating so that you can clearly identify the strengths and needs of a student in the school?

In this presentation, Pam will use the OT Practice Framework (OTPF) to teach you the 3 components of a thorough evaluation: (1) Occupational Profile, (2) Skilled Observation of Participation in Context, and (3) Assessment Tools. Pam will explain how to yield and report 6 critical areas of a student’s Occupational Profile. You will learn to apply her 5 tips for conducting a Skilled Observation of Participation. You will then gain her 4 tips for Assessment Tool selection, and a list of assessment tools divided among the different domains of the OTPF, to make test selection easy. Finally, Pam will provide her recommendations for reporting your findings. She will share her reporting template, as well as a sample OT evaluation write-up.

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT – Tips for the 3 Components of a Thorough School-based OT Evaluation; School-based OT Evaluation Template; Sample School-based OT Evaluation

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