5 Steps for a Functional 

Strength Training Program

Is physical deconditioning limiting your pediatric client’s employment potential? How would you design a strength training program to support their employability? 

In this seminar, Connie will discuss high-level evidence on strength training for youth with disabilities. She will apply the evidence via walking you through her 5 Steps to Designing a Functional Strength Training Program. It starts with reviewing the youth’s work goals via interviews, reviewing IEP Transition Plan, and analyzing the youth’s prognosis. You will learn relevant assessment tools for strength, body composition, work capacity skills, cardiopulmonary functions, balance, and mobility. Connie will explain how you will use the test results, together with the CDC’s Physical Activity Guideline, and the Social Security Exertional Levels to identify the missing body components and functional movement skills (e.g., push, pull, carry, squat, kneel, hinge, etc.) that the youth need to develop to be work-ready! You will receive multiple strategies and tools for developing and progressing individualized exercise programs that are relevant to the youth’s functional needs. You will learn about functional strength training, power training, AMRAP, Tabata protocol, and other activities you may want to include in the youth’s program.  

Finally, Connie will utilize the case study of Lydia so you will learn how to apply the concepts learned in this course to your own clients the very next day. Connie will demonstrate how she identified Lydia’s needs, designed Lydia’s exercise program, as well as measured and demonstrated Lydia’s success! 

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Functional Strength Training Protocol; Fir4Wrok Screen; Fit4Work Minute 2 Win It; Squat Cue Cards

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