Assessing School Participation

Not sure where to start your school-based assessment for students identified or suspected of having a disability? Want to avoid the rabbit hole of explaining a failed test when a student is functioning well in the classroom?

This course is here to your rescue! Carlo will begin this course by citing research, legislation, and best practices to explain why you should start your assessment by objectively measuring your student’s level of participation in meaningful occupations in the school. Carlo will discuss multiple tests of participation including the most ubiquitous school assessment tool…the School Function Assessment (SFA). He will explain his tips and hacks to fix the most common complaints about the SFA, that will enrich the way you use the SFA and other participation tests to improve your clinical reasoning and decision-making. You will then learn about other test alternatives for measuring participation, from the free to some reasonably priced options. Carlo will also help you identify other tests you might already have in your possession that include participation components. Finally, you will learn the multiple uses of tests for participation, from reporting objective scores, deciding on additional testing tools to use, for big-picture goals and monitoring, and for planning interventions that truly impact the student’s function in the school.

Leave the course with concrete tools and strategies to incorporate participation tests in your school-based assessment!

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Links to Assessment Tools; Assessing Participation Tips and Uses

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