What are appropriate goals to work on with middle and high school students? How do you support work readiness?

Connie will share with you Fit4Work, a work readiness program she created for youth with disabilities. You will learn about important employment concepts and terminologies, such as the health risk pathway and the social security exertional levels, and how to apply them to the youth you work with. Using video samples, Connie will walk you through every item on the Fit4Work screen, from lifting, squatting, grip strength, and others. You will learn how to interpret and utilize the results of the screen to plan your Fit4Work interventions individually or in groups. She will provide you with tools and strategies to collaborate with educators, parents, and caregivers to create more practice opportunities in school and at home. Finally, Connie will utilize a case study to demonstrate to you how to use all the concepts covered, so you can apply what you learned with your clients right away. Let’s get our youth ready to work with Fit4Work! 

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS PRACTICAL TOOLKIT: Fit4Work Screen; Squat Checklist and Cue Cards; Online Resources and Videos

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