Focusing on Participation 

and Occupation

Are your OT and PT services resulting in meaningful changes in your clients' real-life functions in school, at home, and in the community?

In this seminar, Carlo will describe how focusing on participation and occupation can be the key to your pediatric client's success. He will share 3 critical reasons for focusing on participation/occupation: for motivation, adherence to the intent of IDEA, and to implement effective interventions.

Carlo will list assessment tools that can yield the real-life needs of your clients. You will learn tips for ensuring that your client’s goals are participation-/occupation-based. Carlo will then summarize the latest research on the effectiveness of interventions for various pediatric health conditions and provide you with Questions and Solutions to elevate your interventions towards participation/occupation.

Leave the course with concrete tools and strategies you can use the very next day, from assessment to goal writing, and interventions! 

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