Practical Strategies for Embedding Interventions into School Environments

Are you looking for ways to make changes in your student’s real-life performance in various school environments? Are you shifting your practice from “pull-out” to a more embedded model, but finding that your “pull-out” strategies do not translate well inside the classroom?

Join Pam to explore practical strategies and the additional skills that you need to hone to provide embedded services effectively and confidently. You will learn the evidence, as well as the legislative and professional influences on embedded (or contextualized) services, that you can share with your colleagues. She will discuss strategies such as interprofessional collaboration, co-teaching, advocacy, negotiation skills, contextualized assessment, and others. She will apply these concepts via a case study to get you started on the practice change you desire!

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT – Advocacy Tools for Embedding; Guide to Contextualized Evaluation; Guide to Co-Teaching Approaches; Contextualized Services Flowchart

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