Assessment Tools for Teletherapy Practice

Are you using assessment tools that are valid and practical for telehealth practice? This course will bridge the gap between tests and measures and their application in pediatric teletherapy practice. The speaker will present and discuss the utility of multiple pediatric tests of participation, ADLs, recreation, handwriting, mobility, endurance and personal factors. This Teletherapy Assessment "Toolbox" includes a variety of tests from norm-referenced to criterion-referenced tools, from free to paid tests to fit your budget, and require no materials other than testing forms. In addition to the tools discussed, he will also equip practitioners with an ability to identify other tools that may be appropriate for assessing from a distance, whether by phone, over the internet or mailed/emailed questionnaires. Come learn tools that will help you collaborate with your pediatric client and their family, as well as measure their performance in various areas of meaningful life activities.

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Teletherapy Assessment "Toolbox": Links to Assessment Tools

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